Amstrad CPC 6128

pokes, programs and letters I contributed between 1988-1990.

(c) Niall Brady 1988-2003.

These following few pages are a glance back to my humble start with computers. Way back then my first ever computer was a Sinclair ZX81 (1k wow) and the interest continued until I got my first 'real' computer 1987 (or so).

I taught myself Z80 on my Amstrad CPC 6128 computer and started writing programs in pure assembly language which was then compiled into Z80 machine code. Big thanks go to Nicholas Campbell for scanning all of these pages and also for sending me some of the original type-in's in DSK format to use on an Amstrad CPC emulator. Without him I would not have any of this content to show the world. I really appreciate his kindness.
Do Nicholas a favor and visit his website. Some of the programs mentioned in the pages here are also included for download, plus I've included a CPC Emulator Winape32 which runs on most versions of Windows so that you can actually see them running again.

* Amstrad Action Pokes and type-ins from 1988.

* Amstrad Computer User Pokes and type-ins from 1988-1990.

* Computing With The Amstrad letters, Pokes and type-ins from 1988.

* Screenshots of 3 of the Programs I wrote in 1988.

* Disced, Memory Editor and Disc Finder programs to run on the CPC Emulator in DSK format (zipped)..

Created by Niall Brady on January 6th, 2003.