Video: First looks at the New Dandanator Elite + from Rancanuo team


I reviewed the original Dandanator Elite + a few years ago here

But time has moved on and Rancanuo team have developed a cool new Dandanator Elite + with new cartridges that look and feel straight from Amstrad CPC.

Take a look !

the new Dandanator Elite + is available from

The cartridges are also available here

I purchased mine to see what had changed between it and the previous generation Dandanator Elite +,

take a look at the review and please share your thoughts,

Please note in the video I state that the old cartridges will work in the new Dandanator Elite +, that’s incorrect, they are not compatible !

Cheers Niall.


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2 Responses to Video: First looks at the New Dandanator Elite + from Rancanuo team

  1. Giuliano says:

    Hi sorry to ask here as a comment but I have a wonderful CPC664 here in Milan and unfortunately some keys and disk drive are not working. I don’t feel confident enough to open it and try myself, do you knwo anyone who could do it? Tnx a lot, Giuliano

    • anyweb says:

      hi Giuliano,
      I could do it, but I live in Sweden, and that would mean you’d have to pay to ship the device to sweden and back + pay for a new keyboard membrane + disk drive belts
      that would cost probably more than the 664

      my recommendation is that i guide you through fixing it yourself, would you be ok with that ?

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