Dead on arrival CPC 664


I’m a sucker for these computers, here’s another 664 but this one is sadly dead.

It makes a distinct noise when connected to power (the FDD motor doesn’t stop) so there’s that. If I disconnect the 12v line then i see the red led is on and a blank square in the center of the monitor, according to CPC wiki forums it could be dead ram.

I’ve ordered some replacement ram and ram sockets from ebay, oh and a FDD drive belt, I’ll try and repair this 664 as it looks good (in my opinion). I already have a waiting keyboard membrane also as I’m sure it’s already faulty.

Here are some photos from the original advertisement on ebay. The original ad text is below.

Vintage Amstrad Cpc 664 Personal Computer
for parts or not working, Power on sold as is, No image,
There is a crack on the outside, see picture 10. Does not include the Monitor.

The serial number is very hard to make out, but i think it’s 461111 K32-53

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