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Video: 2 CPC 6128’s born hours apart

Introduction I blogged about this yesterday and you can read all about it here. Part of my research into this involved me chatting with Juan and asking him to put together a video explaining and showing more about the 2 … Continue reading

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A great story about twin CPC 6128’s most likely manufactured in the same factory hours apart

Introduction I’m a member of many Facebook groups dedicated to Amstrad computers, and in one of those groups called Amigos y Usuarios de Amstrad which I think means friends and users of Amstrad in Spanish, I spotted a post by a … Continue reading

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Connecting an Amstrad CPC to an external LCD

Introduction I have 3 CTM 644 monitors in various states, all work but one is missing RED. However they take up so much space in my little retro corner, so I wanted to use an old LCD I had in … Continue reading

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Disassembling my old code part 8 – Processing HEX text in the left pane

Introduction This is part 8 of a blog series I’m doing to catalog some of the programs I wrote back in 1988 on the Amstrad CPC 6128, starting with a disc sector editor I wrote called Disced. I’m doing this … Continue reading

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My retro corner

This is  a short post to show what my retro corner currently looks like. I’ve setup two small desks in a corner of my office and connected two CPC computers to CTM 644 monitors. On the left is a CPC … Continue reading

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welcome to !

Welcome ! I’ve been using computers most of my life and one of my earliest computers was an Amstrad CPC 6128. It came with a whopping 128K ram, and was a Z80 based computer, on that machine I taught myself … Continue reading

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