Connecting an Amstrad CPC to an external LCD


I have 3 CTM 644 monitors in various states, all work but one is missing RED. However they take up so much space in my little retro corner, so I wanted to use an old LCD I had in storage and wanted to connect it up to my Amstrads. Getting it all working took some effort so I’ll describe it here.


The LCD I used was an old Dell 1908FP, I just so happened to have one that was not in use (old tech) and I wanted to see if I could get it working with my Amstrad CPC 6128. You can find one of these old LCD’s here on Amazon (I searched for this link, the seller is nothing to do with me, but as you can see they are quite cheap). The lcd is suprisingly good quality even for it’s age, it can move vertically and rotate on it’s axis 90 degrees to aid with accessing the connectors. I connected a standard VGA cable from the LCD to the back of my HDMI converter box.

You can see the other end of the VGA cable plugged into a VGA to HDMI converter cable here which is in turn, plugged into the HDMI converter box.

The HDMI converter box

I found this converter (again, this is not my store, I actually bought it on WISH) which has multiple in/out connections and my goal was to use a retro-shack Scart Cable TV Lead to connect to this box and then covert it to HDMI/VGA.

The power supply

As I wanted to move one CTM 644 monitor out of the way, I needed to power the CPC and in this case that meant I needed a 12v line (for FDD) and the 5v line (for the CPC). I settled on this model which was recommended in one of the Amstrad Facebook groups.

The bigger of the two cables is 12V out and the smaller one is 5V.

The SCART Cable TV Video Lead

I actually purchased the SCART cable tv video lead cable over 2 years ago and it was still in its packaging, this came from Retro Computer Shack and their packaging, quality and documentation is excellent, very good product and reasonably priced.

After connecting everything up I was pleasantly surprised to see it working immediately. I was relieved !

It’s very readable on the LCD and feels nice to look at. Next I connected up the 12v line and tested the FDD, it works as you can see here (I loaded up Alex Higgins pool world).

So all in all I’m very pleased with my new setup, I’ve loads more space for my CPC’s and this gives me new possibilities !


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