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Video: First looks at the Alcon 2020 game on Amstrad CPC

Introduction Here’s my ‘straight out of the box’ review of a hardware scrolling and awesome audio solution on an Amstrad CPC via a cartridge and associated adaptor (for Amstrad CPC). All the info is in the CPCWiki topics: … Continue reading

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Video: Repairing or replacing keyboard membranes for the CPC 664

Introduction I put together a video on youtube showing the different ways you can troubleshoot a failing/failed keyboard membrane and how it’s possible to test and maybe even fix it. It’s a tricky business that’s for sure but if you … Continue reading

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Video: Reviving a dead Amstrad CPC 664 – The Egyptian mummy

Introduction I bought this CPC 664 from ebay, it looked nice but it was advertised as “for parts or not working”. It came from Cairo in Egypt as was evident from the dust all over the motherboard and inside… As … Continue reading

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Dead on arrival CPC 664

Introduction I’m a sucker for these computers, here’s another 664 but this one is sadly dead. It makes a distinct noise when connected to power (the FDD motor doesn’t stop) so there’s that. If I disconnect the 12v line then … Continue reading

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Another CPC 664 for the collection!

Introduction Oops, I’ve done it again, gone and bought another CPC 664, this one certainly looks beautiful sitting right next to my trusty CPC 6128. The colour looks to me like it was painted, that might explain the lack of … Continue reading

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My retro corner

This isĀ  a short post to show what my retro corner currently looks like. I’ve setup two small desks in a corner of my office and connected two CPC computers to CTM 644 monitors. On the left is a CPC … Continue reading

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My 3rd 664 ! and this one is lovely !!

Introduction I don’t know what’s happening, maybe it’s my age (53), or maybe it’s Corona (Covid19), or maybe I’m just re-living my youth, but lately I’ve been very interested in anything Amstrad CPC 664 related. When these old CPC’s come … Continue reading

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Retro brighting attempts on a CPC 664

Introduction Since I got my CPC 664’s, I was very interested in getting the blue keys looking deep blue just like in so many photos I’ve seen of the original CPC 664’s. So after a wee bit of research I … Continue reading

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Replaced the FDD drive belt and keyboard membrane on my first CPC 664

Today I fixed the keyboard membrane and replaced the disintegrated FDD belt on CPC 664 with the swapped motherboard base. So now I have two working CPC 664’s, except one has video issues and some plastic damage to the case … Continue reading

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Replacing the keyboard membrane on my 2nd CPC 664

So today i decided to try out the new keyboard membrane from Rich Mellor! It works perfectly but my CPC 664 has a video issue (probably the CRTC chip). I don’t feel in the mood for de-soldering that chip from … Continue reading

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