Video: Reviving a dead Amstrad CPC 664 – The Egyptian mummy


I bought this CPC 664 from ebay, it looked nice but it was advertised as “for parts or not working”. It came from Cairo in Egypt as was evident from the dust all over the motherboard and inside…

As it was dead on arrival I decided to name it the Egyptian mummy.


I actually received the 664 in January but spent a few weeks researching the problem on Amstrad Wiki forums. The advice I got there was excellent (from Bryce, Noel & others), so I went and ordered some parts from ebay and watched countless videos about replacing RAM on Amstrads’ (hint, start with Noels excellent videos @ noels retro lab).

Note that no matter how many videos you watch about repairing old retro computers, the best way to learn what works for you is to try it yourself, and to learn from your own mistakes. I should know, I learned a few tricks in the hours it took de-soldering the ram on this CPC.

Here are the new parts I ordered in no particular order. All of the parts listed below are by random sellers that have nothing to do with me, I’m just posting the links so you can find something similar yourself.

  • FDD cable –
  • Keyboard membrane –*BRAND-NEW*-Amstrad-CPC664-Keyboard-Membranes-2645
  • Hot air gun –
  • RAM chips –
  • RAM sockets –

I already had some other tools, so in case you are interested here they are.

  • Desoldering Sation –
  • Weller WECP-20 soldering station –
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One Response to Video: Reviving a dead Amstrad CPC 664 – The Egyptian mummy

  1. mrbyte says:

    Hi Niall,

    It’s always good to know that there is another Amstrad cpc 664 in the hands of someone who knows how to take care of it.

    I am very glad that your Dandanator CPC was useful for the repair.
    Very good video in which you explain the repair in detail. I hope to see many more 🙂

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