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Video: First looks at the New Dandanator Elite + from Rancanuo team

Introduction I reviewed the original Dandanator Elite + a few years ago here But time has moved on and Rancanuo team have developed a cool new Dandanator Elite + with new cartridges that look and feel straight from Amstrad CPC. … Continue reading

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Video: first looks at the 464 +

In this video I unpack a 464 + which  I bought recently, and then I attempt to connect it up, I also test it with a Dandanator Elite +. Give it a look and a like 🙂 To connect the … Continue reading

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First looks at the Amstrad Dandanator Elite + from Rancanuo Team

Introduction Anyone that has been reading my posts or who has seen my videos about the Dandanator Mini from HobbyRetro will know straight away how excited I was about the technology, for such a small device it delivers a whole … Continue reading

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Loading games onto an Amstrad CPC Dandanator

Introduction I got my Dandanator mini a few weeks ago and already it’s helped me diagnose faulty RAM on one of my CPC 664’s. It came pre-loaded with some games but I’d like to understand how to re-program it with … Continue reading

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