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Video: Using an M4 board on an Amstrad CPC 464

Introduction I’ve already blogged about how you can connect to Wi-Fi using the M4 board and copy games and load ROMs, and here’s a video showing you how to do that from scratch.

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Adding ROMS to the M4 board

Introduction In a previous post I looked at the M4 board from Spinpoint, please check that out and get your CPC connected to Wi-Fi before trying this part. A ROM (Read Only Memory) is a dedicated chip that stores programs … Continue reading

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First looks at the M4 board for Amstrad CPC

Introduction I’ve seen people referring to the M4 board on various forums and facebook groups so I was intrigued and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I mean, think about it, an internet connection via Wi-Fi on … Continue reading

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