My retro corner

This is  a short post to show what my retro corner currently looks like. I’ve setup two small desks in a corner of my office and connected two CPC computers to CTM 644 monitors.

On the left is a CPC 464 with Schneider colours (all grey) and on the right, my trusty CPC 6128.

Underneath the CPC 6128 you can probably see a 464 with it’s back to us, in that section I’ve got several CPC’s.

  • 2x CPC 664
  • 2x  CPC 472
  • 2x CPC 464
  • 1x CPC 6128

You can’t see them as they are all bubble wrapped (aside from the 464), also in the photo below are 2 CPC 664 keyboard membranes (new), waiting until I need them.

On top of one of the desks and connected to the CPC 464 I have an original Rombo Rombox with some roms (Protext/Proprint), and a newer rombox with some other useful roms such as MAXAM (assembler/disassembler).

You can also make out a very dusty Multiface two from Romantic Robot.

On top of the 6128 monitor I’ve the CPC 6128 manual and a large joystick. It works fine but every time I power on the CPC it generates an X. The 6128 is currently running Disced.

well that’s my retro corner, I’ve lots more CPC related stuff underneath the tables (magazines, tapes, hardware) which I may blog about later, until then, cheers !


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  1. CPC.WM-media says:

    ME is / was cpc SYNTAX2000 aka JimKnopf ago..
    kwwing Crack-Schmpf
    Z80A Coding i liked Very much — later Amiga / PC …
    Upclink from DOS 3.3 – 5.5 -> Win95 -> HACK IT!

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