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Welcome !

I’ve been using computers most of my life and one of my earliest computers was an Amstrad CPC 6128.

It came with a whopping 128K ram, and was a Z80 based computer, on that machine I taught myself how to code using Machine Code (Z80 assembler), and how to hack (modify) games.

You can browse this link to see all the games I hacked and even download code to run some of my original creations such as Disced (a floppy disc editor) which I released in 1988.

This website will hopefully contain info about my journey back to the Amstrad, to rekindle my interest, joy, passion in the product and to relive years gone by.

As I moved around in my early career, I mislaid my CPC 6128 and always regretted not keeping my hands on it. Later, after reaching 50 years old I found a facebook group that brought back memories of my early days of computing with the Amstrad, so I searched on ebay for a CPC 6128. It didn’t take long and I found one, complete with box and a colour monitor. I bought it and it arrived a few days later, what a joy !

It arrived November 6th, 2018.

Sadly it looks like there’s an issue with the Red colour output, i haven’t yet determined if it’s the monitor at fault or the CPC itself.

Update, it was the monitor, I got another colour monitor and it works fine.

I’ll write new posts here to document my retro journey.



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