My second CPC 472 !

Well I think i’ll take a break from buying CPC’s as i’ve now got 7 of them,

2x CPC 472

2x CPC 664

2x CPC 464

1x CPC6128

This is 6 more CPC’s than I had back in the 80’s, oh well, it’s fun. Yesterday my 2nd CPC 472 arrived and it’s working great, it even came with a Colour Monitor (in Spanish) and a game and the TV modulator. I’ve no idea what I’ll do with the TV modulator. Oh it also came with a joystick.

So here it is

I have seen read error a and read error b on some tape games but it improved after I cleaned the read head with IPA alcohol. I played my first game on it, Airwolf. Everything works perfectly but I can hear something rattling around on the inside so I’ll need to open it up and inspect it.

There you can see the ‘new’ monitor sitting on top of my old one, it works but when i adjust the brightness knob on the right side it flashes white across the screen, so that probably needs to be addressed.

Here’s the game that came with this CPC, it’s called Satan 2, seems to be a very colourful box.

and here’s the QuickShot joystick which looks brand new 🙂

The photos below are all from the ebay ad for posterity sake.

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