Getting custom 3rd party cartridges for your Amstrad plus computer


I’ve spent quite a bit of time doing up my Amstrad 464 Plus lately, and I must admit, I am really taking a liking to this hardware. It looks good, feels good and it’s fast to load “Burnin Rubber” using the slide-in cartridge ability.

I have a grand total of 1 cartridge and it is the Burnin’ Rubber that came with my 464 plus. The game announces itself with a great logo and awesome music, but the actual game behind the loading screen is awful.

“Burnin’ Rubber is so dull.

The music however is awesome !”

I mean it, I love the Burnin’ Rubber music, I had my 464 Plus connected to some external speakers and my lcd and I was pumping up the volume, and dare I say it, dancing to it all by myself.

Now I know I can connect my Dandanator Elite + to this and play games but I really wanted to experience some fun using the ‘built in method’ that this computer was sold with, and I don’t mean the tape deck.

The temptation

I was intrigued when I saw a post on facebook about custom cartridges (shown below) being offered for sale, so I decided to investigate.

I contacted the poster Anakintf and asked him if these were for sale, he responded that these particular cartridges were out of stock but he would come back to me with prices for my own ones if I was interested.

The order

I was interested, so he pointed me to the following Spanish website and asked me to pick some games that were listed as GTX 4000 or Plus compatible. I came up with a list of 8 games that I wanted in cartridge format including a recently released game, 77 attempts.

Here is my list.

1. 77 attempts
2. barbarian II
3. Bomb Jack
4. commando
5. donkey kong
6. ikari warriors
7. operation wolf
8. prince of persia

Anakintf took my list and said he would go ahead and create the cartridges, but also asked me if I wanted custom boxes for them too. Remember, these were the games that I wanted including a community released game. I said sure thing !

Naturally it costs more with the boxes but I wanted the ‘full experience’.

One small thing had to be done first and that was to pay in advance, all the games including boxes, stickers, postage from Spain > Sweden cost 123 Euros, not bad at all if you ask me.

I have to say this seller communicated with me in a very professional way, at all times he kept me informed about the progress, included photos of what they looked like and tested each game and then included a video of that process for me to review, 10/10 for this seller, outstanding communication and interaction. After I paid, he sent me the tracking number of the delivery and thanked me for my trust.

“Outstanding communication and interaction”

The photos below, are all from the seller, that is insane and really shows the ‘love’ he has for what he does.

Please encourage him by buying his stuff.


Here are some snapshots of the games sent to me. Look at that quality !

And below are all my 8 games in a row ! how cool is that !!

Tomorrow, i’ll post a video showing the unboxing experience, stay tuned !



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10 Responses to Getting custom 3rd party cartridges for your Amstrad plus computer

  1. AnakinTF says:

    I thank you again for your trust and the value you have given to my work. Without knowing me, you trusted me. That is very valuable to me. I hope to collaborate with you again very soon. Regards my friend.

  2. CPC Blit says:

    Sorry, but he sell games without permission of the authors. Stealing games isnt good 😡😡😡

    • anyweb says:

      thanks for the comment, but i’m not sure what you are talking about, all these Amstrad games are freely downloadable from many sites for many years and no one complains about that when they are installed on Dandanator cartridges, M4 board, ddi5, etc etc etc, feel free to clarify what you mean….

      • CPC user says:

        Perhaps the difference is that in those cases you are mentioning there is no profit (although arguably, some of those sites may have ads). The BOM for a plus cart is less than 3 EUR, even with all the “extras”.

        Probably nobody is going to complain about all those games that are 30+ years old, but in the case of games that are a few years old, may be you could ask the author for permission. If you are a fan I’m sure they will be happy for you to have one of these special editions.

        • anyweb says:

          thanks for the comment, I have no problem asking for permission, so where do I start, which games do you think I should ask for permission for this ? are you referring to the 77 attempts game or something else ?

          • CPC user says:

            I would dare to say you’re a victim here. I can only imagine how down you may feel after the CPC wiki forum thread.

            In my opinion the people producing the carts are the ones that should have permission. The 77 Attempts PDF linked in your post has contact details. You love their game enough to pay for a cart, that’s OK.

          • anyweb says:

            thanks, i’ve tried to message them on twitter but I get “can’t be contacted” so I tweeted them directly asking them to get in touch, lets see what happens.

        • CPC Blit says:

          The games of reidrac arent free, and space moves too

          • anyweb says:

            thanks for the comment, to be clear, in the 8 games I bought, are any of them called Space Moves or from Reidrac ?

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