Video: First looks at the DES (Dandanator Entertainment System) for Amstrad CPC


I’ve been using Dandanators for a few years now and I love them, their simplicity makes loading games very easy. I heard about a competing product called DES which uses the same hardware and software to work with the cartridges, but which is incompatible with the other Dandanators. It’s like they were 2 separate projects.

Anyhow, I ordered and paid for a DES system and it took some time to arrive, when it did I decided to do a video about it, hopefully I covered most aspects.

Some questions to my viewers:

1. What do you think about the product compared to other Dandanators or a DDI5 or an M4 ?

2. What (if anything) would you have changed about it if YOU were marketing/selling the DES ?

also, as a side note Jason Brooks your Dandanator mini makes a guest appearance in this video

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