Video: Resetting a Dandanator after it was loaded with a 512kb game


This video is a direct result of a comment I got where a user (Mark) had problems resetting his Dandanator Mini after it was loaded with the Sword of Ianna. That game uses up the entire 512kb ROM and auto-launches as soon as you start the Amstrad CPC. 

Resetting the Dandanator using the code provided in the ROM Generator software was tricky, in 10 times I tried it, I only got it to reset a few times. It seems that the USB button sometimes works, sometimes not, it’s flakey. I’m not quite sure why it works (or doesn’t work) the way it does, and I don’t think it’s my setup or my USB cable as reprogramming the Dandanator works every time otherwise. This is the only function on the Dandanator software that behaves this way for me.

Hopefully this video helps you to get it working. I also cover how to re-install the Sword of Ianna back on the Dandanator (full 512KB Rom game).

You can download the Sword of Ianna here –

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