Replacing the FDD drive belt on the new CPC 664

So I decided to try and locate the problem with video on my new CPC 664, the video issue seems to be that colors look off and with a slight pinkish tinge on a known good working monitor. In addition you can see text/graphics in different parts of the screen repeated.

I took it apart to clean the motherboard and look for any loose solder joints. Here’s the video out before I cleaned the motherboard.

and after cleaning…

While I was at it, I replaced the drive belt on the FDD, it was easy enough, you can follow Noels video here on youtube for advice.

After replacing the belt and re-soldering the video connector i put everything back together again but the video is still the same, however, at least the FDD works and it loads games just fine, so I know the CPC works (aside from the duff CRTC chip).


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