My first CPC 464

I got my first CPC 464 on January 29th, 2020, yup, many decades after it was first released. I remember visiting my friend years ago and he had a 464, we used to spend so much time on it playing Jet Set Willy II among other games, I’ve got JSWII on tape and I’m ready¬† to test my first CPC 464.

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  2. David says:


    I recently purchased a cpc464 with its amstrad colour monitor. The unit turns on, but I only get garbage screens. Would appreciate some pointers on what steps I can take to try and restore it.

    • anyweb says:

      hi David,
      if you can post a photo of it here that would be great, but more than likely it could be socketed ROMs that need re-seating (remove them with power off, clean the legs and re-insert). If that doesn’t help clean the motherboard with iso-propyl alcohol and consider replacing ram, I have some videos showing you how to replace RAM and also how to test it first using dandanator diagnostics

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